While no one can guarantee investment success, we do have investment tips and more
for you to ponder.

You'll find quite a bit on this page. You'll find links to our articles on investments, investment tips to help you improve, and finally, links to books on investments. All designed to help you make your investment experiences that much more profitable.

First - Links to articles on investing:
What are stock markets?
Stock market basics.
Invest like Warren Buffet.

Now, some investment tips:

One way to determine how conservative your investments should be.

"Don't Gamble With Money You Can't Afford To Lose.

The less you can afford a loss, the more conservative you should be in your choice of investments."

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One theory on stock investing.

"Cut your losers, let your winners ride.

This was a big theme of the conference. Most individual investors invest with a strategy that's doomed from the start. They invest in a limited upside, unlimited downside way. If a stock goes up 20%, they'll take a profit. If it goes down, they'll hold it. This leaves them with a portfolio of losers.

We recommend investing in an unlimited upside, limited downside way. If you use something like a 25% trailing stop, then your losers get sold, and you end up with a portfolio of winners."

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What to do with investment profits.

Accumulate interest on top of your profits. If you do that over time, you will have a lot of money!

So how do great investors create a great amount of wealth? They reinvest their profits and allow time for their profits to earn compound interest. Profits on profits on profits on profits added to interest on interest on interest. You get the idea.

Begin Investing Now.

"Do not procrastinate. Begin now because an early start can make all the difference. An early start provides a long time horizon for compounding to show its true benefit for the investor. ?

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