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Best Tips for Job Sharing and Happy Babies

As the job market continues to change, more employers are recognizing the importance of accommodating new moms who have just come back to work. In the past, these women would have been marginalized and even made to feel pressured to quit their jobs altogether. Now, however, new mothers who come back to work after maternity leave are finding new alternatives available to them. When a company welcomes back these women, it can increase its own productivity and assist these employees with balancing job and family obligations by making available these job sharing accommodations.

Set Schedules

A new mother who has just come back to work may still be struggling to balance her motherly duties with her work obligations. When a company allows a new mom to work a set schedule, however, it assists her in being able to raise her baby without having to compromise her own physical and emotional health. Rather than coming back to work full-time for example, a new mother who takes on a job sharing position at the company can put in work only three days out of the work week and devote time to be with her infant on her off days. A set schedule can assist new moms in being productive during the time they are at work because they know they will be guaranteed some time off during the week to bond with their babies.

Onsite Daycares

Mothers in job sharing positions may also work better when they can bring their babies to work with them and place them in the care of an onsite daycare. Many new moms who come back to work also must maintain demanding nursing schedules. Because their babies may be dependent on breastmilk, these mothers may prefer to go to their babies throughout the day to nurse them instead of pumping their milk. Nursing onsite may ease their baby's transition to daycare. Look into  for innovative products which comfort babies but also make the nursing mother's life easier. An onsite daycare can help these women focus on their work better when they know they are only a few steps away if their baby needs them.


New mothers in work sharing roles within a company might also be more productive and indeed a better asset to the company if they are allowed to telecommute throughout the week. Even if they must go into the office for a day or two during the week for meetings or other important duties, they can still be productive away from the office if these mothers can telecommute from home. They may be more inclined to be productive and give more effort if they can work within their homes and still have that close physical contact they need to raise their babies. Many companies report that telecommuting employees, particularly new mothers who are in job sharing roles, are more productive than their onsite counterparts. This is probably due to their comfort level that the baby is in good hands and not relegated to

The struggle between nurturing a career or nurturing a baby has been an ongoing battle for most women, because no one woman wants to give up the commitment to either. She may feel as if she is short changing one or the other or that she can't do either well. It can be difficult for new mothers to report back to work after they have been on maternity leave. These women would be well suited for job sharing positions. When they take on these positions, these workers have shown to be more productive and become more of an asset to their employers.

Debbie Nguyen is a designer and blogger who feels tremendously lucky to have an occupation that she was able to operate from home. She cherishes the time she was able to spend with her kids as they have grown.


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