Kathryn's Husband

by Kathryn

MY answers to four important questions about Non Alcoholic Live Disease; End Stage:

What has surprised you the most?

The agonizing, painful, slow death that is the nature of this disease.

What have you done to help you cope?

I have done research, participated in my husband's care, gone to doctor appointments, and most importantly, PRAYED.

From what you've been through, what is your advice?

To not be angry at the individual stricken with this disease. To, instead, learn all I can to help me be prepared for what lies ahead.

BE PREPARED. Research. Never take no for an answer. To always find time to be on your knees.

What medications does your husband take?

So many to list, but here are major ones, Xifaxin, Lasix, pain killers, many more. 18 in all.

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