How To Select, Install, and Maintain Laminate Wood Flooring

If you're a homeowner, you may be looking to replace your old flooring with a laminate wood flooring. The information below was written by Vince Paxton and is being provided to our readers on his behalf. He talks about how to go about choosing amongst the different styles and colors, and he also goes over the basics of installation and maintenance care for laminate wood flooring as well. We hope you find this information beneficial to your needs and helps you make a wise home improvement decision.

Laminate wood flooring is one of the latest options in home flooring. The finish is such that it resembles natural hardwood floors. Over the years the quality has improved and nowadays the materials are not only beautiful but also durable. At times it is difficult to tell them apart from real hardwood. Most of the big manufacturers these days make these floors, including Bruce flooring, Mannington flooring, Shaw laminate flooring and Armstrong laminate flooring.

Selecting Flooring

There are a wide variety of choices both in style and color of laminate floors. Several styles are available which take after natural hardwood or ceramic tiles. Styles in wood come in every tone from the light to darker hues.

For a formal environment choose darker shades. While selecting the color remember that dark colors make a room look smaller, while lighter give an illusion of larger space.

Most flooring stores and home improvement centers stock laminate flooring. Surfing on the internet, you might find discounted floorings too. After you have decided on the color and style of the floor material, you can start shopping around for a discounted price. Left over materials would do if the room is very small. At times these are available in smaller amounts at a cheap rate.

Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminates are not attached to the floor. They are also called floating floors. Slats feature groove and tongue designs. Slats are fixed by inserting the tongue within the loop. Special adhesives made just for laminate floorings are used here. Floors like this can be installed right over your old wood, tile or vinyl flooring. All you need to remove are carpeting and padding before installation. Make sure that the concrete or wood sub floor is level before you start the installation process. Its possible to hire professionals for the installation or you can do the job yourself. Since installation is fairly simple an average size room does not take more than a weekend. When it comes to larger areas, you might want to save the job till the time you have a vacation. The floor will cost more if you want professionals to do the job. Though, if you aren't good about the house or just don't have the time, paying some extra money might be worth it.

Caring for Wood Flooring

Before you clean your ( )new floor read the instructions from the manufacturer closely. Remove dirt and debris, with a broom or vacuum using very little water. Use of extra water can damage the coating of laminate on the surface. The paper backing of the floor might be damaged. If moisture is accumulated under the laminate, it can damage the floor or cause the growth of mold, which is unhealthy. Due to this, the floors aren't the best choice for using in bathrooms. Since moisture tends to be present in this room it will damage the floor over a period of time.

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