When working on your yard,
what could be better than practical landscaping ideas and tips that
really work?

Practical landscaping ideas can bring beauty to your yard and for some gardeners - outright joy. And remember, you always have complete control in setting the mood for this place, your own private world.

Landscaping ideas to get you started.

A simple idea to save money for you and your neighbor.

Let's say your neighbor is planning a landscape project at the same time you are. Why not share the costs? Share the rental machinery and other resources. Who knows, you might get a concesseion from professional landscapers and suppliers because the project is now larger than if done seperately.

Landscaping ideas #2 - about how to make unattractive parts of your foundation look better.

"Use plant material to cover unattractive foundations, corners and fences. Planting in this way creates a natural looking landscape."

to get more information from Landscaping Tips| Golden Acre Garden Sentre

Landscaping ideas #3 - The 'why' of using mortar-less retaining walls.

"The great virtue of stone retaining walls that are mortar-less is that your “drainage system” comes built-in: water will usually seep through the cracks between the stones. When damage from water pressure does occur, it can be repaired easily enough. Another advantage in building terraces of this sort is that you do not have to sink a “footing” beneath the frost line, as you do when using concrete or stone and mortar."

Landscaping ideas #5 - about using coffee grounds:

"Coffee grounds are great to put around plants and in your garden. They will help keep the soil moist and loose. Worms will eat them and help aureate your garden. Starbucks coffee has a program "grounds for gardeners" also check with other local coffee bistro's or restaurants."

"Coffee grounds, filters, paper towels, newspaper left over salad greens, fruits and vegetable peels and egg shells can be mixed with grass cuttings, leaves and straw to make great compost with some time and some turning to keep it stirred up you will have great potting soil."

"Place a damp coffee filter in the bottom of pots before filling with soil. It will help keep the dirt in and let the water drain out."

Landscaping ideas #6 - Dealing with insects:

"To prevent snails, slugs and caterpillar’s from eating your plants break up egg shells and place them around the base of the plant. Snails and slugs do not like to crawl across them. Butterflies and moths will think that eggs have already been laid on the plant and will look for other plants to lay their eggs on."

"To keep flies and flying insects from your garden, patio and deck areas, fill zip-lock bags 1/2 full of water, seal and hang around the area you want protected. Try it. It works great."

To keep mosquito's from your decks and patios, and having you for their picnic lunch, simply put a fan at one end of the deck or patio turn on at medium speed.

"When hanging garden hoses, drain the water from the hose and screw the ends together. It will keep insects from crawling inside the hose and plugging nozzles the next time you use the hose."

Here's an internet landscape resource for when you are not sure what type of plant you have?

Then check out www.plantcare.com they have over 2,900 indoor and greenhouse plants referenced by genus, species, common name plus photo's."

More landscaping ideas:

"If you paint your garden tool handles a bright color (red, yellow, orange, pink or white) they will be easier to find. Also if tools are borrowed by friends or neighbors you will know which ones belong to you. Works for hammers, screwdrivers and other tools as well."

"Pieces of old blankets make excellent linings for hanging baskets. Helps keep the soil moist, and keeps soil from washing out."

"When planting bulbs, the tops should be pointing up. If you can’t tell top from bottom place the bulb on its side, mother nature will know which way is up."

"To prevent grass and weeds from growing in walkways and paths spray them with vinegar. It is cheaper than Brush Begone and much safer."

"When potting new plants, fill the pot 1/3 with soil, crumple a paper towel and place it on the soil. Then put the plant in. Finish filling the pot with soil. The paper towel will help hold moisture and allow the new roots spaces to spread easily."

When planting tomatoes, dig the hole deep enough to put the plant in up to the first leaves. The stems have fine hairy rootings. When buried they grow and make the plant stronger and produce more tomatoes.

"Spring blooming perennials are best divided in the fall. Midsummer or fall blooming perennials should be divided the next spring. It's time to divide when the center of the plants look sparse, or when the blooms are smaller than the year before."

"To produce more and brighter green peppers, feed them Epsom salts. Before the plants bloom put 2 teaspoons Epsom salts in a quart of water and apply to the base of the pepper plants."

"When using new clay pots soak them overnight in water. It will prevent the pot from pulling moisture from the plant."

11/16/05 - More landscaping ideas:

Crabgrass seeds germinate when Forsythias bloom. Good time to put pre-emergents out.

Silver maples will show their silver linings before a storm.

Slugs and snails will be out in large numbers prior to rainfall.

Dandelion blossoms will close before it rains.

When to plant tomatoes and peppers... Wait till you see daffodils blooming.

Cut flowers will last longer if the stems are cut at an angle. Cut with scissors. Trim under water so no air bubbles can form and block the free flow of water into the stems.

Place a piece of charcoal in the water when arranging the flowers. This will keep water pure and odorless.

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