Lessons of life - learn from other people's life experiences and help others by describing what you've learned.

To be happy, we all have to learn the lessons of life. In many cases, life will present you the same problem over and over until you prove you've learned your lesson. That's the way it is. That's a major part of learning how life is setup on this planet.

Our primary goal at Everyday Wisdom is to hand you the solutions you need to overcome the obstacles life throws at you so you can achieve the life you want. Put another way, our goal is to help you become happier. This section will help you do that faster than any other way we know.

Life is both positive and negative. We all know that. But what if you could bypass much of the negatives of life by learning from others. Learning from their life experiences or even just from their perspective on a particular part of life. It can be done. Here is where you can do that. In essence, this section is a clearing house for the wisdom of the common and not so common person.

Why this can be so important.

Here's a key formula for life: The Right Idea Acted On At The Right Time Equals Success. In this section, you will find a lot of right ideas. My father says, "It's the mistakes you don't make that get you ahead." That's a weird way to describe success. It just means that sometimes you can make a mistake so big, it's hard to recover. If you learn the lessons of life, you'll make fewer mistakes. And in many cases all that is required is a slightly different way of thinking about something.

The Bible says, "The value of wisdom is far above rubies, nothing can be compared to it." To prove that point, how many rich people have you heard of that were miserable or died from a drug overdose, etc. It really is true that wisdom is more important than riches. Here you will find a lot of wisdom.

To make it easier to find the idea you need, over time we will be breaking the ideas into categories.

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