Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oranges, known in the western world as tangerines, have been enjoyed for centuries. They are enjoyed for their tangy sweet, refreshing taste as well as the health benefits they provide with their high levels of vitamin C.

Records indicate that they were cultivated and harvested in China as early as the 12th century BC. In that era they were enjoyed strictly by the emperors and the higher ranking statesmen. In the early 19th century they were introduced to the European world and they became readily available for everyone to enjoy. When the Chinese celebrate their New Year's Day mandarins are eaten to ensure luck, prosperity, health and good fortune. The dried peels are then used to balance the Qi in life.

Mandarin oil which is known for its many health benefits, comes from the peel of the fruit; it can be cold pressed or steam distilled. Today Italy is the leading producer of this oil. The trees grow 15 to 20 feet in height and have a small white flower that has a very soft and pleasant aroma

What are the Benefits of Mandarin Oil?

Mind Soothing: It is described as enchanted happiness, the oil of children, simply because it releases the inner child soul unlocking the creative energies that are kept locked inside of our minds. The calming effect brings joy, inner peace, well being, and unity with the universe and our environment.

Digestive Problems: The citrus oils help promote the stimulation of bile and digestive juices helping to fight stomach infections by protecting the intestines and stomach from developing ulcers. It helps regulate the intestines by helping to curb diarrhea, constipation and flatulence.

Toxins and Spasms: Deposits of toxins throughout the body are the main factors in regulating body functions like digestion, breathing, urination and excretion. This oil helps break down those toxins by purifying the blood system and assists the body in eliminating these toxins. The soothing calming effects of this oil is used to help treat epileptic seizures, convulsions and bouts of hysteria. The oils also enhance the appetite.

Enhances and Protects the Skin: Because of its fungal and antibacterial effects it helps protect wounds from infections and helps the blood to clot sealing the wound quicker. The skin absorbs the oil giving it more elasticity helping maintain moisture levels and giving the skin a softer feel. It also helps generate healthy cells for new skin growth.

Cautions: There is some evidence that some Mandarin Essential Oil may be photo-toxic. Direct sunlight may have adverse effects. If you are pregnant it should not be used.

Loved for its tangy sweet taste and aromatic scent, mandarin orange oil is a very popular flavoring ingredient used in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, the perfume industry and in food and beverage for flavoring. Mandarin essential oil can be used topically, in a diffuser, as a compress, or added to your bath water. Making this a part of your everyday routine can help create a true sense of wellness.

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