Here are some marriage tips to help you create a successful marriage.

Building a successful marriage isn't easy. Marriage tips might make the difference for you and your partner.

Let's get started:

It isn't just what your partner says.

"Notice The Hidden Emotional Tone Of Your Partner

Very often, your partner won't say exactly what is on their mind straight away and it is up to you to draw them out. By looking for their emotional tone, through their body language, voice inflections etc., you will get a very good indicator of what is actually bothering them and also how it is affecting them."

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What if this is the last time you see them?

"Saying goodbye

Always try to leave for the day from each other on a good note. Even if someone is upset, at least give a little kiss on the cheek and say something like "see you later" or "love you". Think,"what if this is the last time I see them,a sobering thought. Renee "

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how to handle a spouse's shortcomings.

"Handle each other’s shortcomings with sensitivity. Nobody is gifted in every area, but capitalizing on strengths and cheerfully compensating for each other in areas of weakness can go a long way toward creating a workable team spirit."

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