Reasons Why Mediation is the Better Alternative When Divorce is Inevitable

Why Mediation is the Better Alternative

Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process that most people cannot initially fathom. Although they may desire to end their marriages, they may not be ready for the onslaught of legal tasks to which they must attend before their marriages can be dissolved. In many instances, however, people could make this process easier by opting to use the process of mediation.

As they seek to end their marriages, couples could avoid much of the expense, drama, and hassle by allowing mediators to help them through their divorce processes. People who are not familiar with divorce mediation may choose this option when they learn more about its benefits.

More Private

Some people who are divorcing may not want specifics about their cases divulged in a courtroom where others, such as friends, family members, and coworkers, could hear. When couples want to keep the details about their divorce circumstances private, they may achieve this goal by allowing a mediator to help them.

When they meet with the mediator, who in most instances is a lawyer, retired judge, or another legal professional, couples can discuss why they want to get divorced without fear of loved ones finding out or being judged by others. This privacy may not be assured if couples have their cases heard in a public courtroom setting.

Less Expensive

In many cases, couples can save money on their divorces by utilizing a mediator. thier services tend to cost less and do not require that couples burden themselves financially as they seek to end their marriages. In contrast, however, going to court and having their cases litigated can be expensive and leave them without much money once their divorce is settled.

People who are on limited means, and individuals who need to save money to live on after their marriages are ended, may be able to spare themselves this financial worry by selecting a mediator rather than going to court.

Division of Assets and Child Custody

Couples who have children or a significant amount of assets may also choose to have a mediator settle these issues outside of a courtroom. When couples meet with their mediator, both parties can discuss how they want custody of the kids to play out, what assets they want to be divided, and how they believe their monetary circumstances should be settled. A mediator can listen to both parties and then draw up recommendations to appease everyone concerned.

The mediator also will generally settle child custody matters after taking the safety and well-being of the children into consideration. However, both spouses generally are allowed to voice their opinions and desires during the process before the mediator makes a final decision on these matters.

Relying on an Attorney during Mediation

Despite mediators being legal professionals, couples are still advised to rely on their own experienced divorce lawyers, such as NH attorneys Tenn & Tenn, P.A., during the mediation process. When they enter into mediation, people may not be sure what to expect or how to make their wishes known to the mediator. They also may not know to what they are entitled during and after the divorce.

Their lawyer can ensure that their concerns and desires are expressed and that the mediator’s decisions benefit them. Having legal counsel present during mediation can be very important when issues like child custody and spousal support are being decided.

Rather than go to court, many couples today can make their divorces easier by utilizing divorce mediation. Mediators have the legal authority to settle most divorce cases. People can make their mediation sessions more beneficial to their goals and desires when they rely on a qualified divorce attorney to guide and advise them.

When divorce is the only step left, Lisa Coleman encourages using mediation as a positive choice for both sides with their own attorneys to get things settled out of court, and to put less stress on any children involved.


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