What do you do when there are old vintage tips that do not fit easily into a category? You create Grandma's miscellaneous tips.

We needed a seperate page just for Grandma's miscellaneous tips. You see, the other page of Grandma's Vintage tips is divided into categories. Well, some of Grandma's tips do not fit into any particular category. Therefore... the use of the words miscellaneous tips.

Let's get started.

If your puppy will not drink his water: If your puppy will not drink his water, add just a drop of honey to about a half cup of water. Place it on a spoon and while in the water rub the spoon with your finger. Be careful all soap is rinsed off your fingers first.

Submitted by Gary Scott

Electrical plug tip: If an electrical plug fits too tight and is difficult to pull out, rub its prongs with a soft lead pencil

Onion smell on hands: When cutting an onion and a bell pepper, cut the onion first then the bell pepper. Rub your hands with a little of the bell pepper and the onion odor will dissapear.

Butter dish tip: To keep butter from sliding around on the butter dish, heat the dish with real hot tap water. Dry the dish off. Then put the butter stick on the dish and place it back in refrigerator. It will melt slightly. When the butter gets cold it will be stuck on the dish which will prevent it from sliding.

Miscellaneous tips for burns:

Definition of first degree burns:A first-degree burn involves only the outer layer of skin. The skin is dry, painful and sensitive to touch. A mild sunburn is a good example.

How to treat first degree burns?
Treating sunburn involves watching for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Use cool baths or compresses to sooth the burned area.

A mild fever and headache can accompany a sun burn. To relieve the headache, lie down in a cool, quiet room.

It's important to drink lots of water. There is nothing you can do to prevent peeling, but lotion can help relieve the dryness and itching.

Definition of second degree burns:
Second degree burns involve several layers of skin. The skin becomes swollen, puffy, weepy or blistered.

How to treat second degree burns?
Run cold tap water over the burn for 10 to 15 minutes. Cold water is the best immediate treatment for minor burns. The cold lowers the skin temperature and lessens the severity of the burn. Do not use ice, as it may further damage the injured skin.

Do not put salve, butter, grease, oil or ointment on a burn. They increase the risk of infection and do not help to heal the burn.

Treating Minor Burns: Minor burns, such as sunburn, can be effectively treated by applying apple cider vinegar via a clean cotton pad to the affected area as soon as possible after the injury has occurred.

Burns with Blistering:If a burn blisters, cover it with a clean saline (salt water) soaked compress and seek medical attention for evaluation and treatment.

Milk to Treat Sunburn:
Soothing milk compresses for sunburn treatment: Mix 1 cup of skim milk with 4 cups of water and add a few ice cubes. Let stand for 5 or 10 minutes to chill. Soak a clean cloth with the solution, apply to sunburn for 15 to 20 minutes; repeat every 2 hours.

Apply No Butter to Burns:
DO NOT apply butter,vaseline, or any oily substance to a burn. The oil promotes further burning of the tissue and attracts germs which may cause infection. Stick with cool water, saline, or apple cider vinegar.

There will be many more miscellaneous tips added periodically. Be sure to check back.


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