Whether you need to save more money or earn more money, you will find tips on how to do that here.

Everyone can use more money. Zig Ziglar says, "Money isn't everything. It's just right up there with air."

We all know that saving money for the future is important. So... if you need to increase the size of your savings, here are some tips to help you do exactly that.

How to get more money by selling your "stuff" on Amazon.com

Everyone knows Amazon sells books, but less well known is that they also have a marketplace section where you can buy and sell used goods that include books, text books, DVDs, cameras -- you name it.

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An easy way to save money

A lot of people have found that saving change is an easy way to save money. Of course you can use your saved coins in many ways. For instance you could use them for purchases you would normally not buy. Best of all is to save for a rainy day. That will take pressure off and you'll find yourself worrying less. So find a jar and start adding your spare change to it. You won't notice the difference in your lifestyle other than the comfort of seeing your savings grow. The change will add up fast. And yes your paper money will get spent faster too. But it will be worth it. Here's another great idea about saving your change: It's a great way to pay your debts off faster. You'll pay less interest over time. How many people think of their change as a savings account? Very few.

Pay yourself interest.

Pay yourself back, with interest. Let's say you have to tap your savings. Everyone has to do this from time to time. When you do, aim to pay yourself back with interest.

Even small amounts saved add up to large amounts over time.

"Saving on the small stuff.

Even small amounts saved regularly can grow into a sizable sum. For example, do you buy breakfast at the drive-through on your way to work everyday? The $2.50 you spend on a coffee and egg sandwich adds up to more than $625 a year. Invest that amount each year at a 6% rate of return, and in 25 years, you'll have nearly $35,000. It's true what they say: "The little things mean a lot.""

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How to save at the grocery store.

You've probably heard this before, but it's so true. If you'll eat before you go shopping for groceries, you be less tempted to buy merchandise you don't really need. You'll reduce the chance you will buy on impulse, leaving you... more money.

Easy tips on how to save money on every gift you buy.

"You can save 20% to 50% on virtually every gift you buy if you shop smart. Here are a few tips: Shop at end-of-the season sales, look for overstock sales, and scan catalogs regularly, looking for deals."

Why spend more money on gifts than you have to? Spending a little time finding gifts at a savings will be worth it. Over time it can really add up.

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Make tea, lemonade and drink water:

"Instead of spending money on numerous cans of soft drinks, make sweet tea or lemonade at home to save."

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The importance of comparing prices

"Check prices online before making any large purchases. Online prices are very competitive, and by checking prices online first, you will know if buying at your local store makes sense or not."

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