My Experience Working in an Unsanitary Salon

by Dawn
(Ontario, Canada)

I have previously worked in an salon/spa, and the reason I am not there is because of the methods used to "clean" tools and other parts of the place. The way they cleaned did not follow regulations where I live (Canada) and surely nowhere else either and I did not want to be any part of that. I didn't know how the place was run, because if I did I would never have walked in the door!

The basins were simply rinsed with bleach and water, not disinfectant, hospital approved cleaner, nothing, cuticle clippers were used on clients and washed quickly with soap and water, the same stick was used for waxing every client and not even so much of skin cleaner was applied to anyone before having the used, bacteria ridden stick applied to their skin. That in itself if gross. I wanted to use a different stick for each client for both waxing (in actuality it wouldn't have done any good if the pot was already contaminated) and an orange wood stick for manis and was told it was a waste! This is a persons health they are compromising and shouldn't be played with.

Their reason for cutting corners on cleaning was because (as they claim) "It's cheaper", come on. Sure some products are more expensive than others its a fact but this is a place where people go to enjoy themselves, relax and believe it to be a safe, healthy environment. Because of my experience working there I have told people not to get anything done, not even so much as a hair cut! Who knows how often the sink is cleaned, or the chair or the brushes! Too risky for anyone. I am now at a clean, reputable spa doing what I like and working with people who take cleanliness seriously.

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