How Can Natural Insecticides Help You Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Pests Invading Your Garden?

If you've got bugs over running your garden, you might want to put natural insecticides to work as you fight your war. Here's some useful information:

Hot sauce mixed with garlic and water can chase away those annoying caterpillars who have been feeding on your precious plants? You may appreciate butterflies, but not their babies.

So, maybe you just want them to relocate to another area. Many natural insecticides are used as repellants rather than as a way to kill insects. Spider mites hate the mixture of hydrated lime (1/4 c.) and water (add a small drop of soap to help it stick). Be careful not to use too much or the lime could hurt your plants.

Tomato leaves mixed with water can repel insects. Soaps are used in several different types of mixtures. But soaps are washed away with rain or automatic sprinklers. If you choose to use nicotine, be aware that it can be deadly as a concentrate to more than just those pesky aphids. It's not only dangerous as harmful cigarette smoke, but it can be beneficial if used properly on plants. For us, the concentrates can cause convulsions and death. So, don't let that toddler grab your supply by accident. It's usually mixed with sulphur and is not recommended for use on edible plants.

You might want to use horticulture oils to suffocate insects by covering them with an oily film. If that sounds drastic, just think of the damage that can be done to crops and gardens and even humans by an overpopulation of insect pests. Insect pests can spread diseases and famine.

Homemade sprays can be a great economical alternative to bought sprays. You must know how to adequately measure, store, and use them even if they are homemade and seemingly harmless.

While you might not be scared of insects, you do have to be sensible so you won't be overrun with them.

This information on natural insecticides can be passed down to your children and their children. It's useful to know how to safely combat insects. Here's a key - Do it while they are young. Once they are teenagers they think they know everything and have other interests. They are in "ignore my parents mode."

Teaching about the safe use of insecticides and natural insecticides is the gift that keeps on giving. Who knows? Maybe your child will want to use this information to obtain a career later in life that revolves around insects, gardening, farming, or science.


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