So many people who have a disease want to help people who have been newly diagnosed. They don't have an easy way to do that. Now there is an easy way. It's this page.

Newly diagnosed people with a disease are usually confused and afraid. They have a lot of questions and are wondering how their lives are going to change. On the other hand there are people who have had the disease for a long time and are more than willing to share their experiences with people who have just been diagnosed. This page helps the two groups communicate.

Below you will see an index of the diseases that already have a page devoted to that disease. If you see your disease listed, click on the link and enter your information on the page already created for that disease. If you don't see your disease listed, then fill out the form below so we can start a page for your particular disease.

Your name is optional. In fact the only field required is for the name of the disease. (Again, if you see a listing for you disease, click on the link and fill out the form on that page.)

Index of disease with pages and forms already set up:

Crohn's Disease
Nonalcololic Fatty Liver Disease

The Form To Create Pages For Diseases Not Listed Above:

Disclaimer: To one and all, this information is for information only. It doesn't take the place of your doctor. It might give you some ideas about which you need to ask your doctor.

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