Got children? Here are parenting tips to help you become a better parent.

The parenting tips you find here will help you with one of the toughest jobs there is... being a parent. Most parents do a good job because they love their children. But that doesn't mean you can't learn from others to make your journey an easier one.

Some people have described parenting as the hardest job you'll ever fall in love with. I think there are times when some people might argue parts of that description. Whatever you think, these parenting tips can help.

Let's get started.

How to criticize a child.

"Criticize the behavior, not the child. When your child makes a mistake, don't say, "You were bad." Instead, explain what the child did wrong. For example, say: "Running into the street without looking isn't safe." Then tell the child what to do instead: "First, look both ways for cars."

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Here's a parenting tip to help your baby learn to talk.

Let's say you notice your baby is curious about some object. Name the object. Identify it for the child. Not just once. Repetition is important. Every time you see the child interested in that object identifiy it again and again.

An important tip when dealing with a teenager.

"To build a good talking reputation with your teen you need to be available. That means not only being home but being attentive, TV off, not just muted and monitored for the end of the commercial. Ignore the ringing telephone when it interferes with the topic. "

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Here's something every parent of teenagers needs to do.

Do you really know what your teen is up to? You need to keep tabs, not only on your teen, but also what is influencing them in their life. For instance, do you know their favorite music and bands? Movies? TV shows?

You need to also know their friends. As teenagers, their friends can actually have more influence on them than you do. Do you know their friend's first and last names? How about the friend's parents?

Tell your teen they have to keep you informed. Yes they will complain, but they will at least know you care.

Encourage a work ethic.

"Work ethic is a learned behavior, and parents are the best models to teach kids to acquire it. If you want your children to work hard and derive meaning and satisfaction from what they do, make sure you are modeling the right messages. Insisting your kids do their homework and help around the house does not guarantee they will grow up with a sense of accountability and a desire to achieve. Developing a work ethic in your child is a holistic process and the eight money behaviors of a financially intelligent parent are keys to this process"

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