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Party Time: When To Slow Down On Alcohol

It's party time...It is common for people attending a party or special event to celebrate with a toast, and this provides them with easy access to alcohol.  Dancing, drinking and socializing seem to go hand in hand. However, it is vital for everyone to be aware of the amount of alcohol that they are consuming so that they do not end up dealing with a DUI conviction or worse.

Learning Your Personal Limit

Each person has the ability to handle a specific amount of alcohol before they become intoxicated. Your personal limit will be based around your gender, weight, history with alcohol and whether or not you had something to eat before you started drinking. In other words, an individual who can usually enjoy several alcoholic beverages before they become drunk could experience different results if they failed to eat before they go to a party. Due to this, each person who is planning to drink on New Year's Eve should take the time to properly prepare by eating and lining up a designated driver or alternative form of transportation if necessary.

What are the Typical Limits?

According to research cited on the website of one DUI lawyer San Bernardino based, ''the average female can consume two alcoholic beverages before she hits the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of .08, and the average male can have three drinks before he hits this metric.'' However, as previously mentioned, your results may vary. Fortunately, if you stick to a smaller amount of alcohol consumption, it is possible that you will be legally sober enough to drive by waiting one hour after you finish your last drink. This is due to the fact that the average person's BAC is reduced by .01 every hour after they stop drinking.
This information can also help you determine how long you need to wait after drinking if you have more than the average amount of drinks. For example, if you are a 120 pound woman and you indulge yourself by having a third beer, it is possible that you will have to wait as long as five hours to be legally able to drive. Understandably, most people are not going to have this much time to wait. Therefore, you need to make alternative arrangements for getting home.

It is easy for many people to lose track of their party time alcohol intake when they are having a good time. Unfortunately, this can easily lead to serious issues such as a DUI. Keep in mind that it is common for many areas to have DUI checkpoints, especially on weekends, and this will make it even more difficult for you to drive home without getting arrested.
It is a good idea to research whether or not your area offers transportation alternatives like taxis or shuttles. For example, San Bernardino and the surrounding area typically offer free Metro rides on holiday evenings.. Sadly, this will not prevent everyone from ending up in jail due to a DUI. If you find yourself in this precarious legal position, you should contact a DUI attorney immediately.    Writer Melanie Fleury has watched many family members struggle with knowing their party time alcohol limits.


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