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Perseverance basically means to continue doing something in spite of obstacles. Bicyclists, swimmers, and runners are a few examples of people demonstrating great levels of perseverance, even moreso when pushing themselves to break an old record. Weight lifters and mountain climbers continuously push themselves to maximum levels in order to increase their strength.

Students find their way down the pathway of a better education as they increase their knowledge and move into unfamiliar territory. Business executives rise above the ordinary and set new limits in the social and business world. Even you have probably pushed yourself at one point or another, especially if you've ever felt like giving up.
You may be asking what causes that deep desire within yourself to keep you holding on? It's your belief and faith in yourself that you can persevere in spite of the odds. Perseverance is the driving and staying power of "will." It musters all your strength and energy and directs you toward your goal.

Toxic relationships and negative communications are very much barriers to our growth. The pain and anger caused by these types of personal or business relationships can create emotionally charged feuds that can escalate at any time. When these feuds occur, caustic reactions cause inner storms to brew or upheavals affecting both physical and psychological stability. Once you've developed and refined the gift of perseverance, you can continue in spite of the toxic and negative communications that cause you pain.

When negative thinking and hurtful words penetrate your attitude, it's like listening to a broken record telling you how you're going to fail, rather than succeed. Negative thoughts or unhealthy suggestions from other people also fill both your conscious and unconscious mind with psychological messages that ultimately lower your self-esteem. Negative attitudes or unhealthy advice from others can also affect your body with physiological responses which can endanger your health.

Perseverance is the key to helping you steer your way through negative and toxic feelings. Perseverance is the fuel that motivates you to courageously fight your battles or defuse them. Don't allow the poison in these venomous relationships to affect you. The greater your self-esteem, the stronger your tolerance in dealing with negative situations. As you create more peak experiences and positive moments in your life, the greater will be your ability to persevere. Develop the will-power and desire to control your own destiny.

Master these five personal factors and you will develop perseverance within yourself.

1. Develop the sense of being in control of your life.

2. Develop a network of friends and family to provide "social support." A supportive alliance with a select few will help you carry your plans through to fruition.

3. Develop personality traits such as hopefulness and flexibility. Terminate any and all negative influences and relationships in your life.

4. Develop willpower as well as a definite purpose. Continuously move forward with your goals, plans, dreams, and aspirations.

5. Decide "I Can! I Will!"

As the Statesman Sir Winston Churchill once said in a famous speech...."Never, never, never give up!"

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