We all love our pets.
Here are some pet tips and more to make caring for your pet easier.

You'll find quite a bit on this page. You'll find links to our articles on pets, pet tips to help you enjoy your pet more, and finally links to books, DVD's and more. All designed to help you make your pet experiences that much more memorable.

Links to articles on cats:
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Links to articles on dogs:
Here are some important considerations when picking a dog.
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Now some pet tips:

7 top tips to ensure puppy or dog training success.

1. Make training fun for both of you
2. Be patient and progress gradually
3. Don’t make the sessions too long, avoid boredom (for both of you!)
4. Reward good behavior with praise and treats
5. Never shout at or punish your dog
6. Teach one thing at a time
7. Always use the same command words for the same actions – and make sure the rest of your family does too

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When picking a new dog, consider the space you have available.

"It is very different for the dog whether you live in an apartment or a house with a fenced in yard. If you are in an apartment, you’ll probably choose against large dogs. It would probably be wiser to go for a smaller dog, even a dog from the Toy group. Dogs like Yorkshire Terriers or a Miniature Schnauzer."

Click here to read our article on picking a dog.

Help your pet to stay cool when the weather is hot

"Freeze the water — again, if you are leaving your pet for the day, warren suggests freezing water in the bowl so they'll have cool water to drink throughout the day."

An Important pet tip if you have pesticides around your house.

"Pesticides and lawn care products: Many of these products are potentially toxic to pets. Be sure to store these items where pets have no access to them. After treating lawns and outside areas, restrict pets from these areas until exposure danger has passed."

What hotels around the world accept pets.

"Who says you can't take your pet with you? Stick with us as we discover more and more pet friendly establishments all over the world. "

This website has a listing of all kinds of locations by many criteria.

An important training tip.

"If your dog runs away from you and you finally catch up to it, no matter how angry you are at the dog, do not yell or smack it or your dog will never come to you when called for fear of being punished."

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When you need to introduce a new pet to other pets:

If you've got a new pet, it's a good idea to not leave it alone with other pets unsupervised. Animals don't always have a good way to "work things out" on their own. Think how important first impressions are to people. It's the same for animals. If their are problems at the beginning, there is a good chance the bad feelings will continue and your pets may never get along well.

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