Pandas Loved By Everyone
The World Over.

When you think cute, cuddly and adorable
the one animal that comes to mind are the Pandas

Mum? Can you come and get me down now?

I'm not coming out. You'll have to come in and get me.

Kung Fu Panda...bring it on!

On the count of three.... lift!

Does this log make my butt look fat?

Betcha can't see me.....

Oops! Slight miscalculation.

You go.

I'll just stay here and rest my head a little bit.

It wasn't me! I didn't steal this bamboo shoot! It was just sitting here, I swear it!

I'll give you 2 seconds to get off me or I'm calling Mom..

Pardon me but do you have a napkin?

paparazzi! Could we have a little privacy please?

Dear Martha Stewart: I have this brown stain on my nice, white, fluffy butt...

Shhhh! I'm reviewing...

I cannot believe that I'm stuck in this tree again. What is the matter with me?

I'm sure there's a way out somewhere. I saw an ant go this way yesterday.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

Pandas looking for lost earrings....

Absolutely nothing accomplished. The perfect day for a panda...

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