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Using Pinterest and Oand Other Social Medias.
Brand marketing is critical for today’s business success. This involves making the public and potential customers aware of company products and services. Social media has become a go-to resource for businesses seeking to market their products and services. One such tool is Pinterest, which helps to connect with customers while promoting and building their brand.


Pinterest has similarities to other social networks with its ability to share, follow and like. However, it is its own community that allows site visitors to more deeply view a business by serving to visualize what they enjoy, aspire to and what inspires them.

1. Display the Company History

Using images to showcase brands is a great way to share a company's history. These images help establish credibility to raise trust by showing how long a company has been in existence. For newer firms, a connection to a current resource also helps to cement and establish the business. Merely a few years can demonstrate much growth. Using humor and facts can also display a company's past while showing the willingness to grow and evolve.

2. Introduce Employees to the Public

Workers are the foundation of every business. Therefore, they are an excellent public relations tool for companies. There is no better way to tell the story of a brand or company by showing its most valuable asset: employees. Sharing pictures of employees behind the scenes, at meetings and at parties presents a level of intimacy that people can relate to. Essentially, it puts a face on the company so that it is not just a business.

3. Demonstrate Commitment to Community

One of the best ways to attract attention and get local followers on Pinterest is to engage in community activities and then show photos displaying those aspects. Share favorite causes and nonprofit organizations, photos of employees and families doing volunteer work, collecting for food drives, participating in marathons and other events.

By showing that the company cares about others around them, firms can establish themselves as viable participants in their communities, which makes them more appealing to a lot of potential customers.

4. Highlight Existing Customers

Aside from employees and social causes, new customers are also more attracted to a business by its existing customers. Find out what current customers like about the brand and then feature pictures of loyal customers with positive quotes. For instance, maybe one customer is a single mother who has returned to school, a veteran or a new business person. Highlight new customers each week or month as incentives for visitors to get to know the business better.

5. Share Content

One of the best ways to grow a brand is to develop its presence. In addition to promoting the company, sharing content demonstrates a sense of community and makes it that much easier to grow brand awareness. This also shows that businesses think about followers as more than mere customers and that they are part of a community. Carefully choose photos, messages and other information that reflects the values of the company. All pins should consistently reflect business standards in meaningful, visual ways.

In today's culture, people are not simply satisfied with having superficial business connections. Resources are precious, so people want to feel that their money is supporting real people who are behind the business. Using the above tips, businesses can help customers understand what they are all about to make them more personable, approachable and worthy of their business.

Lisa Coleman is a freelance writer and internet marketer from Atlanta, Georgia. She has found that Atlanta-based Brand Fever is a company which offers clients effective brand marketing to increase awareness and promote their products and services.


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