You will get far more out of life by doing a better job of planning
your day.

A few minutes of planning your day, every day, can bring you joy instead of frustration. So here's an important question: How well do you plan your day?

Most people do very little planning. They find themselves going through life almost blind. They are not proactive - life happens to them instead of them happening to life. We've all heard the adage, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Here's another important question concerning time management: What if that's true?

Take a moment now and prove something to yourself. Think back over the last five days and ask yourself this question: For each day, how many minutes did you spend planning it? Now before you begin computing how much time you spent planning your day, realize that the time in the shower doesn’t count, nor does the thinking while walking your dog, or while you were on the way to work. Yes, those can be significant times to think, and I don't want to belittle those times. But I'm talking about something different here.

I'm talking about those times where you sit in a peaceful, quiet place where your thoughts can become more concentrated. A time where you close your eyes and actually see what you want to happen that day. Where you actually feel confident about the outcomes that will come from your planning.

Ok, you've taken some time to think about the last five days. So... how much time did you actually spend planning?

If you discovered that you didn't really spend that much time, then it would be wise for you to follow a time-tested piece of advise that says you should spend at least ten to twenty minutes at the start of each day planning your day. If you will actually do this, and are diligent about it each day, seven days a week, then you will find results will acrue that will make your life far happier and much more efficient. So much more of the good things will happen in your life. And in the end, isn't that what we all want?

Leveraging Your Time

Ten to twenty minutes of planning your day is how you leverage your time. What does this really mean? Well, let's look to the business world. What does leveraging mean there?

In the business world, to leverage means to borrow money with the expectation that you will greatly increase your yield on the investment. Ideally, the amount that is due will be paid back with interest, which of course allows you to keep the profits. To leverage in the business world, you keep costs minimal so your dividends will be far greater.

Your time can also be leveraged in much the same way. By investing small portions of your time into certain activities, you can actually free up time throughout the rest of the day. Planning your day, every day, becomes your time lever.

Your cost in time is small; only ten to twenty minutes per day; but you will enjoy many more benefits from this investment all day long.

Your planning will also makes it so you entirely define your daily tasks. You won't be as surprised when something happens. That doesn't happen for most people.

No matter what happens, you will most likely have given it some thought in your planning sessions. This will make a big difference in how things work out.

You'll also find you are more precise in your actions, which is always a plus as a time saver. You'll meet deadlines on a more steady basis. The result of all this is a greater number of accomplishments.

Having understood how little of our time is needed to invest into something that can give you so much benefit, isn't that worth a few minutes each morning? The author of Getting Things Done, Edwin Bliss, said: “The more time we spend on planning a project, the less total time is required for it. Don't let today's busywork crowd planning time out of your schedule.”

Summing up, if you will get serious about planning each day, your days will bring more accomplishment, more happiness and will bring you the good life. Don't join others who just go through the day hoping things will get better. Plan your days and you will get more from them.

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