How To Play Golf More Effectively

Play golf more effectively, from the first time player to the pro's the ultimate goal is to play better golf and be more effective on the course. To be able to improve your swing your putt and your overall game becomes your goal. You take lessons, you practice and you play as many rounds as possible all to improve your game. Rob Carlton routinely writes reports on things related to golf in Javea and Bonalba golf club Costa Blanca. We have added his article How To Play Golf More Effectively to our articles. After reading this article you may pick up one idea that will help improve your game. The next time out on the course we hope that you hit them long and hit them straight.

How To Play Golf More Effectively

by Rob Carlton

Some golfers think that golf warm up consists of hitting the driving range with everything they have, but this is not the case. An effective warm up session is about making the actual game as successful as possible by practicing a variety of swings and becoming more familiar with some of the conditions a golfer may face on the course.

For instance, how you play golf on a day with no wind is different than you would play on a windy day. You probably also play differently when the temperature is hot as compared to days when it is cooler.

Here are a few tips from golfers who regularly spend time on the course.

A good way to start is driving, but be sure to start slowly. For your first several drives, opt for a short iron to give your muscles some time to loosen up for the rest of the day. Take your time to work up to the longer drives while keeping in mind that the goal is not only distance of the ball but also control. In fact, control is more important than the ball's distance as this is a time to fine-tune your skills and exercise control over the ball.

Now, some golfers mistakenly think they have completed a sufficient warm up once they have hit a few quality drives. However, it is important to also spend some time chipping and putting. Apply any recent golf lessons you have had and make the most of each and every swing. A golf round is more than simply teeing off.

Perhaps one of the most important tips for warm up is to get your emotions and mood under control. The idea of smacking your stress out on a golf ball may sound nice after a long day, but this really is not going to help your game.

Step aside and take some time to find a sense of calm so you can better focus on the game. Basically, let the day's frustrations go since your mood can affect your game, especially a bad mood.

Many golfers also make the mistake of using warm up sessions to practice new swings or try out a new technique or information learned. It's perfectly fine to try a few practice swings if you are working on a technique you want to tryout in this game, but you should avoid getting wrapped up in the warm up session and turn into a practice session, forgetting about the game to follow.

One purpose of the warm up session prior to a game is to build up your confidence before you head out to the course. If you are making errors throughout the entire warm up session because of a new technique, you will certainly not have built up the confidence you need. Stick with familiar techniques. This is a time to golf your best game starting with the first tee.

Look at the warm up session as a chance to make mistakes before they are permanently entered on a score card. Think back to a recent game which did not include a warm up session beforehand and then compare it to a golf game that did include a warm up time. Chances are that you made some poor strokes early in the game that did not include a warm up session. So, be sure to set aside some time for warm up so you are confident in your skills and ready to play a great game from the beginning to the end

Rob Carlton routinely writes reports on things related to golf in javea and bonalba golf club costa blanca. His articles on costa blanca golf are published on his website.

Thanks Rob for this great article "Play Golf More Effectively" if toghether we have helped one golfer have a better game, have a lower score, a better handicap, then we have contributed to their enjoyment for the game of golf. "Play Golf More Effectively" thats our goal.

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