"Back to School"

It's that time of year again, time to go back to school,
Time to give up sleeping late, and trips to the swimming pool.
But I am excited to meet new friends and my teacher too,
Mom even took me shopping and bought me a new pair of shoes.

I walk into my classroom on the first day,
my teacher is smiling from ear to ear,
Class, please have a seat,
and let me tell you what we will be doing this year.

We will start by studying space,
and we will calculate the distance to the moon,
Then we will study the presidents;
there will be a test this afternoon.

Next you will learn geometry,
studying the shapes will be nifty,
Then you will memorize the state capitols,
and you must know all fifty.

Next we will move on to Shakespeare and study many of his plays,
And then we will study calculus and statistics for one or two days.
Before we begin are there any questions I can take?
I raised my hand politely,
How many days until summer break?

© Ryann Smith

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