Believe In Yourself

Why are you so bitter?
Why are you so sad?
I see pain in your eyes
And anger in your mood,
I wish there were something I could do.
I know right now
The road looks tough
And the hills look steep,
But I know in a matter of time
You’ll be back on your feet.
Life is cyclic with it’s
Twist and turns
But you have to learn
That it’s only a moment
And will pass with time.
Believe in yourself
And others too,
Just remember,
What you dish out
May come back to you.
Be kind with words,
And feelings too,
Keep your chin up
And smile a big smile
I am here for you
From mile to mile.
Turn that frown
Into something more,
Smell the fresh air
And the flowers too,
Look in to your heart,
And know the truth,
It is there.
So no more sadness,
No more tears,
Smile a bright smile
It doesn’t hurt,
And know,
I believe in you.

© Sherri Emily Avery

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