Dear Mom,

We've had some difficult times and
I don't know if all the hurt and pain can be mended.

I know that mothers and daughters don't always get
along and see eye to eye, and I realize now that
you are only human not superwoman!

I wish that I could have been that perfect child that you wished for me to be.
Not so argumentative and strong with my words.

I wish I would have made some different choices, but
I'm not perfect and I did make some wrong choices in my life.

I know you only want whats best for me and I know
that most of the time I don't listen to your advice,
I'm stubborn, this I know, and maybe
even a little selfish and egotistical.

I have children of my own now and sometimes I see
some of me in them and I wonder how you could
have remained strong through the years.

I know now just how much it hurts when your child is so difficult.

I know now just how many tears you cried, how many
late nights you went through worry.

I know you said to yourself on numerous occasions,
Why is she such a difficult child, where did I go wrong?

Mom, you did no wrong, you did the best you could,
you loved me the only way you knew how.

I realize now, that in raising children you are not
handed a handbook, you learn too.

I know it's not easy raising children, especially
difficult ones, and I know it may be too late,
but I'm sorry.

I thought maybe this Mother's Day I should tell you -

I love you very much and someday it will show.

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

Inspiration: For my Mother....

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