Down The Primrose Path

As I walk down the primrose path
I feel a sensation overwhelm me.
Where have I been?
When did I lose my way?
I was lost,
A scared little girl,
I couldn't open up,
Not for real.
I was,
All alone.
But as I walk this primrose path,
I feel a presence,
It is near me,
I am not alone....

"Kneel and pray, my child, dear,"
is the next thing that I hear.
"Pray for strength within your days,
for your days are numbered on this earth you stay."
"So make the best of what you have,
and give yourself a hand
Be gentle with yourself
But also be strong and you won't go wrong."
"Pray for forgiveness of yourself and for others,
For of this world, there will be no other."
"So down this beautiful primrose path you roam,
This is a place where you can call home,
Just one thing that I ask of you
Respect yourself and love yourself too
You are my child and I made you."
All of my children are masterpieces of me,
Therefore my child, you are not alone
You are loved, and I will never leave thee

© Sherri Emily Avery


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