Elements Gone Astray

The sky is the mind,
Vast, clear and full of wonderous things
The earth is the body,
Strong, stable and full of life.
The fire is the soul,
Glowing brightly, full of warmth.
And the water is the emotions,
Calm, yet everchanging,
With routine highs and lows.

Yet like everything, without love,
The sky becomes clouded,
Stormy and uncontrollable,
And the earth begins to weaken,
Shake and crumble.
The fire turns dark, cold and is lost,
And the water rises violently
And waves come randomly
With devestating force.

Yet these elements gone astray,
Can be the way they should be,
If there is only Love!
For without love, there is
No peace, be in on the earth,
In the sky, upon the water,
And no warmth within a fire,
Just as no man can be sound in mind,
Body, soul and emotions without
Having Love.

© T. J. Perrault

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