Friendship for the Friendless

One little nine year old boy sat by a playground
He watched as many kids just ran around
He longed to go play
But he didn't know what to say
Because he had no friends
And that was the end Of that
The only friend he had was a cat
Who had died many years ago
During the season of the snow
His mommy had been beaten
Because she stayed too late with the friends she was meet'n
His daddy was cruel and mean
Probably the worst human being
Or at least the boy thought
That was one fight he had never fought
All the kids were afraid of him
Except a girl named Kim
Who, while the boy of nine sat and thought, came and asked him to play
"Not during the day"
"Why not?" little Kim asked the boy
"Only during night can I play with toys"
"I'm Kim by the way"
"I'm Jonny, but I still can't come and play"
"I'm not afraid of you"
"I don't know what to do!"
"What do you mean?"
"My daddy is the worst human being
He beats my mommy and me
But he only does it when nobody can see
So he'll never get caught"
Or at least Jonny thought
A few days later the cops came for his dad
And, boy, was he mad
Because Jonny told on him to the law
But Jonny didn't make that flaw
Kim had told him she would help
Then she ran to join the others who had been playing with Kelp
The next day Jonny went to find Kim
To ask why she would help him
"Because you're my friend
Even though you have a heart that won't mend
For a while
Come meet my brother Kyle"
So just because of that one lone day
When Jonny couldn't go and play
Kim had made friendship for the friendless
And that's one thing that'll be endless.

© Bethany Ann Dreadfulwater
Dedicated to Jewelia Iott

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