Goodbye Father

I can describe you in so many different ways
but everyone already knows that you were the best day after day

You never change the way you were, the way you talk or the way you lived
and for that we all know you were authentic, you were real.

I was so angry when I realize you were leaving us for good.
I walked in the room, kneeled at your bed and begged God but no one understood

that you and God was already in the middle of a conversation,
discussing when you were coming to join his nation.

I know it was hard for you too, the way your eyes and hands moved but God wasn't giving you another ultimatum he was demanding you to join him soon.

He delayed your trip home so that we could come together and say our goodbyes.

To find peace within ourselves and to prepare ourselves for changes that were to come into our lives.

God had words of encouragement for me not to be angry but to be grateful that my Father is in a better place.
To know that we would see each other again has put me in good grace.

The man that gave us everything that we wanted and love us for who we became has now been invited into Gods Kingdom were he may write in his name.

We can't question the decision that was made by him we should only celebrate.

God has done the impossible and gave us confirmation that our Dad is in the most perfect place!

Goodbye Father,we love you and you will never been forgotten!

Written by: Koketa Boyd

Dedicated to: My Father(Danny Charles Boyd)

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