Heart Realization

A broken heart still breaks
anguished loss quakes
pleading forgiveness
of wrongness
from fallen pieces
the essences of what is,
truly us alloyed
eternally destroyed
scorched lightening
trails thunderous pain
explained in each tearstain
touching deeper than shattered sorrow
deep in concentrated thought
so as naught
to feel
all to real
my soul's commotion
these emotions
my hearts mind
has resigned
to this unknown captive
where the key
lies inside me
for a release
from a timepiece
holding onto the past
that soon shall pass
in the missing today's
moment of sun rays
No longer holding
me behind
a crying mind
now tis the time
to unwind
as I rejoice
in this choice
to let go
of my own personal woe's

© TweetiGirl(Jennifer Fuselier) 2008

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