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I Have Learned

I have learned
not to blame others for my pain.

I have learned
that it is my choices
that put me in my life's positions.

I have learned
I am responsible for my actions.

I have learned
when I hurt someone,
an apology goes a long way.

I have learned
that I must forgive others
even though I know it may cause
an emotional struggle.

I have learned
not to punish myself or others
for human mistakes.

I have learned
that I am important.

I have learned
that guilt can be healthy,
it can show us what needs to be
changed in our lives.

I have learned
that peace, comfort, understanding,
joy, and always love,
is what I should bestow upon others,
for that is what our Heavenly Father bestows upon me.

I have learned
if I get beat up along my life's journey,
it isn't more than what Jesus went through.

I have learned
God is using my experiences
to change me, mold me, and shape me,
so I will be ready to spend eternity with him.

I have learned
I need an eternal purpose.

I have learned
I am a person of value.

I have learned
that I am special,
God made me.

I have learned
that life is hard,
but God is good.

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery Inspiration: For the whole world...

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