I Wish You Love

I know I've hurt you and I'm sorry
We met at the right place, just the wrong time.

You entered my life in times of trouble
And you opened my world
You showed me what real love was all about
Instead of the misleading kind.

I'll never forget you.
You have touched my life immensely.
God blessed me when he let you enter into my heart.

I hope you can go on knowing that I did love you.
I just couldn't give you all of me,
And that is not fair,
You deserve more.

You deserve a love that will blossom,
One that will set you free,
The kind of love that you just can't
seem to get from me.

The leaves have turned now,
All the variants of colors-
So beautiful, but yet, still alone.
It's been a while...
And time has not been on my side.
I'm still missing you.

Winters around the corner,
Cold and alone it will be,
Still not the right time.
But wishing you happiness.

Do you think of me,
As I think of you?

I wish you friendship,
In your times of sorrow.

I wish you faith,
In times of trouble.

I wish you peace,
In times of serenity.

Most of all,
I wish you Love!

Love you,
Love me!

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

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