I'm Sorry Little Brother!

I'm sorry for not being strong enough to help you through life,
I'm sorry that now I can't go back and make things right.
I'm sorry I wasn't the big sister I was supposed to be,
I'm sorry for not thinking of anyone but me.
I'm sorry for walking out on you like I did,
I'm sorry I acted like a big kid.
I'm sorry I led you on to believe I would always be there,
I'm sorry for acting like I really didn't care.
I'm sorry for letting you down,
I'm sorry for always making you frown.
I'm sorry for everything that I've done,
I'm sorry for missing out on all the fun.
I'm sorry for all the things I didn't say,
I'm sorry for not setting a good example for you to follow.
I'm sorry I can't be with you,today or tomorrow

Author Harley Woodard
Dedicated to my little brother

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