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In Memory Of

My beloved family, I have left my body but I have not left you
We have eternity, not just our years which seem so few

In your great pain, know that I have no pain so please let me go
I enjoy so many new experiences which someday you will know

My beloved family, you were my strength, my joy and my light
Now I am your guardian angel and you will always be in my sight

I know that my passing to new life has given you so much pain
But like the rainbow, remember the sunshine before the rain

My beloved family, you gave me such happiness and love
You took care of me and now I will care for you from above

It is only for a short time that we will be apart
So keep our special memories safe in your heart

For I see the vision of us all walking together again
So keep on living, loving and laughing until then

In the meantime, I will be near you with my warm embrace
That is my presence you feel when you remember my face

There will be a day when God calls you but you will not be alone
I will be there that day to greet you and welcome you home

by, John C. Tormey - Birchcrest Funeral Home, Swansea, Massachusetts Dedicated to my Grandfather,
Frederick James Gaskell
September 8, 1926 - October 10, 2002

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