In the Devil's Grip

Troubles like a shadow
Like it’s my evil twin
If I strive 2 be righteous
It shows me temptuous sin

If I live to do the work
4 the lord this day
The streets paved with gold
Reveals a wicked way

I pray 2 the lord
Before my night is through
But answers I get
Is the evil that we do?

If I work like a normal guy
And deal with life’s trips
I feel I gotta fight
Cause im in the devils grip

I run the streets nightly
With my saggy, hooded crew
I scam on U squares
Smoking weed, drinking brew

Im tempted by the devil
By his demons and ghosts
During daylight I sleep
At night im by a lamppost

Im throwing them thangs
To make the dead presidents
Cause a man aint nothing
With pockets of lint

My life is like a puzzle
And some pieces are lost
Somewhere in hell
I know I’ll pay the cost

I dance an evil dance
With witches so don’t trip
Cause people like me
Are stuck in Satans grip

I walk the streets alone
And I scream at the sky
Looking for the lord
Just to ask why

I’ve been cursed all my days,
No blessings all my years
When I should laugh and play
My face is showing tears

To live in a world
Where people lie in your face
Or judge U, or hate U
Because of your race

It drives U to search
Your whole life for the one
Maybe my savior knows
Why my life is done

Lord come rescue me
4 I see this life’s a trip
Cant u see im stuck
In the Devils’ grip

© LaSalle Samuel

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