Let's Share The Night

Let's share the night together,
we'll turn the lights down low,
and listen to the stereo with
our favorite songs, and we’ll
let love carry us along.

Don’t’ worry about what might
be ahead, let’s just worry
about the moment.

Let our kisses and breathless
moments carry us away, and maybe
we'll find some magic, somewhere
along the way in this love filled night.

I'll tell you I love you,
and you’ll tell me you love me too..
I'll tell you I care about you
in more ways that I have ever
cared about another,

Because your heart is a open book,
well so is mine.

So let's not give up this love we have,
let the night slowly linger on,
And we’ll stay together in time.

Let the promises we make see the
light of day so that they will
return to us someday.

Let the night lead on holding
each other tight, so we may find
out if this love affair is perfectly right.

Let’s forget about the past and
all the hurt we have been through,
Let’s start a night anew.

Let's share the night together
and I'll promise you love forever,
let’s make it right this time.

© Sherri Emily Avery

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