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Letting Go

She looks at all the pictures in the hallway,
All the memories that they hold,
From childhood to adulthood,
Now it’s time for her to let go.

She’s waited 18 years for this day to come,
18 years for the lonely days to fill her home.

She can’t get past the tears now,
It’s time to let go,
Her tears just overflow.

She sits down at the table,
Photo album in hand,
Flipping through the pictures,
As the memories come crashing in.

Ice cream treats and sticky feet,
Dirty hands and walls of black,
All the little things,
Now she takes a look back.

She just can’t get past the tears,
They are just a overflow,
She doesn’t want to let her baby go.

I’ll come back home soon,
Her baby says to her,
But she still can’t see past the tears.

I’ll be okay Mom,
You just wait and see,
Everything that you have taught me,
Has been imbedded in me.

You filled my life with love and tenderness,
You filled my life with glee,
Now let me go Mommy,
So I can learn to be me.

She looks at all the pictures hanging on the wall,
And she knows she has to give a smile, Give her all.

So she says, go now my child,
Go now and accomplish all.
I love you and I’ll miss you,
And I’ll be here if you fall,
I’ll put my loving arms around you,
And I’ll be here when you call.

Out the door her baby goes,
And once again the tears start to flow….

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

Inspiration: From a mother to her child leaving the home

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