Light Up Someone's Life

Let not a day go bye without being nice to someone,
Smile at a stranger and watch their face light up,
you never know just how lonely they might be or how good
or bad their day might have been. Pay an unexpected compliment
to a friend and thank them for being there.
Write a note of appreciation to your spouse or child and watch them light up inside.
Hand a flower to an elderly person and see the smile it will bring upon their face-
You never quite know just how long it will be before they go to their resting place.
Call your parents, tell them how much you care, and share your life with them.
Tell them you love them and you miss them so.
Just wait and see what it does to them, they'll be happy to know.
Reach out your arms and hug someone in need, it may not mend all their
sorrows but it might help for tomorrow.

So with each passing day,
Light up someone's life.
For these little gestures can help with some daily strife’s,
There may be a time, when you are down and out and just to see a smile
or some reassurance on your way through life, would surely help with daily strife’s,
So put a little light in YOUR life, and light up someone's life today.

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

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