Love Is Like A Rose

Love is like a Rose
blooming so delicately
one by one
each petal blooms
to show such beauty
Love is like a Rose
blooming through the years
hoping our love will last and last
as a flower wishes for another year
Each petal so delicate to the touch
as love's hands should be
tender, soft and warm.
As the sun is to it's leaves.
So now I say again,
a rose is like our love
beautiful in all it's aura
so much it means
each day a new petal blooms
as our love does to me.
I love you more as each day passes
and I love you so delicately
my heart is warm
my hands are soft and tender
as the sun is to the roses leaves.
And as each petal falls
a new one will grow
so much more beautifully
just like our love will in time
and you will see.

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

Inspiration: As Love blossoms....

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