Memories of Christmas

Stringing popcorn for the tree
Cutting paper snowflakes so carefree
Christmas caroling door to door
Walking through the snow
Making angels as we go.
The anticipation of hot chocolate
To warm us through the cold night
Listening to Christmas songs
Singing all along.
Stockings on the fireplace
Hanging low-
Watching the time as we patiently
Wait for Santa to show.
All the Christmas presents
Underneath the tree,
All the excitement there will be.
Christmas lights all around
The wonder of all the beauty that is found.

This season is full of fond memories
And the love I send to you.
May Christmas be bright and exciting
And hold many past traditions
And new wonders for the whole year through.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

© Sherri Emily Avery (2000)

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