Once Upon a Fairytale

Once upon a time in a fairytale
A prince saw a princess and was told
She is your happily ever after
For that is a fairytales mold

He jumped on his stallion
His heart felt rather cold
This was not what he wanted
But this was a fairytales mold

He rushed to her side
Her gown billowed gold
She looked up with wondering eyes
Such is a fairytales mold

He put her on the horse
And around her waist took hold
Both of them wondering why,
Must this be a fairytales mold

Slowly she turned her head
And he unwillingly kissed her lips so bold
Then they rode off to the castle
For this was a fairytales mold


Far off in the distance
A maiden stood so still
Waiting for the prince
To secretly meet her on this hill

Her heart was all aflutter
A bright smile on her face
Her wonderful prince and her
Were going to run away to a far off place

But then she saw him gallop past
The smile fell astray
He was holding a princess
And was galloping away

Then she fell to the ground
And the tears began to flow
She loved her prince dearly
But he would never know

She loved him more then anything
He was a prince sweet and true
Sadly she would never know
That he loved her too

The prince walked with the princess
But his mind was nowhere near
He was thinking of his maiden
And how he loved her dear

He wished he was at her side
But couldn’t and knew not why
He had a smile on his face
But inside he knew it was a lie

This is a fairytales mold

A prince goes with a princess
Full of love and laughter
The maiden goes unnoticed
Everyone lives happily ever after

You see the happiness, joy,
And the love but you don’t know
That it is all a lie
And it really isn’t so

The love goes unheeded
The tears go unseen
The prince doesn’t choose his love
Crushing a maidens dream

But that is a fairytales mold

© M.K.A

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