She sits on the bank of an open sea
No strings attached, no restraints - just free
For a moment, with the rest of the world behind
She stares in the distance, and starts to unwind

Emotions flow smooth as the breeze on her face
Feelings as warm as the morning sun's grace
A childhood pastime so long reminisced
Is withdrawn from the years, now rekindled, un-missed

The quiet, still waters, bring her to reflect
Of a love she once struggled so hard to protect
Now at ease, she's relieved as the time passes by
No longer scared to let go, no longer afraid to fly

Her life, now less troubled, and nearly fulfilled
Brings fresh oppurtunity, to forgive and rebuild
With a change of the seasons, all worries cease
The perfect time to smile, and finally make peace...

©Michael T. Perrault

Inspiration: For my Mother

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