Days were lonely,
Boring life ahead,
As dull as the grey Dove,
Staring with these eyes as if I'm dead,
It unexpectedly changed,
Too fast,
Hurried into my world,
Eyes widened,
Sun shining,
One quick glance,
My last chance,
I'm in love.
Months of sun,
That, Oh so,
Shone so bright,
Clouds scattered the skies,
Engulfing our light,
Rain pours as it drowns our happiness,
Reaching out for your hand,
But it's fading,
Further and further away into the mist,
Unknown dangers lurk ahead of us,
You're gone now,
Out of my reach,
In this deadly frost.
In the shadow,
In the dark,
A creature that breaks hearts,
A seductive monster that feeds off hearts,
It preys on people because it is scared of life,
Loves to break people's hearts and watch as lovers get torn apart,
It devours love others have for each other,
Pulling them away,
Leading them to lies,
Hate and insanity,
Things will never be the same,
Stuck running in circles of this silly fool's game.
Here we are,
Suffering slowly inside,
Enduring the hurt,
The distance,
An awkward situation,
Wondering of how to rid of this emotion,
Medicine cannot cure my feelings for you,
It cannot cure the sympathy I feel for you,
Lost forever from the guilt and shame,
Tied together by truth,
Unleash the knot of redemption,
Yearning for you,
My heart cries out,
I miss you.
Rhetorical question,
Is to happy to love,
To be with,
Share the passion and affection,
From touch to mouth,
Express it in speech,
With absence of sadness,
Deepness of voice,
Softness of body,
Warmness of heart,
Not even close enough,
Lingering arm on your neck towards the squishy cheek,
Breath on my face,
Instant contact,
Caress with lips,
Loud beat of hearts,
Closeness of happiness,
Forget the world,
Come to Heaven,
Waited long enough,
Remote distance,
Intimate love,
Time stops when we embrace,
We fly when we kiss,
Love guiding us higher,
Regret not holding onto you tight enough,
You caused no wrong,
Forever, I'll guard you from wounds,
No need to scar,
Only you,
So special,
A dream,
A fantasy,
That one and only person of my own,
Stay as a love,
Not a memory,
Nothing describes this feeling of soul arising,
Three word rule,
I love you.

© Monica Tieu

Dedicated to: James Alvarado

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