Remember, Someone Out There Does Love You

When you're sitting there alone with only four walls to look at and you're far from home.
When you feel so lonely and your heart is breaking,
When tears fill your eyes and you start hating.
Remember, someone out there does love you.
When all the hurt crosses your mind of all the unjust of mankind,
When you feel you want revenge, let go of the hate and remember, someone out there does love you.

One day, all your troubles will be behind you and another road you will take.
Another chance at doing things right from the lessons of your past mistakes.
Another chance to live the rest of your life to the fullest with happiness and love.
Another chance at life, I say, Come on my sweet- Soar like a dove!
Another chance to hold a child’s hand, to walk the beaches and the lands.
Another chance to be with the one you love.

So, no matter what road you're treading on a change you can make.
It's all up to you, just set your mind at ease.
Let life be your teacher, learn the lessons and move on.
And remember, someone out there does love you.

.© Sherri Emily Avery

Learn to forgive yourself and others,
seems only the wise can accomplish
this task. Become wise.......sea

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