Stupid Pills

I have pondered the meaning of life
These pills, they sit among the others
Looking like all the rest
But their role is far from normal
You need only one ingest.

Then things happen all amiss
You leave the windows wide
You fail to take your grocery list
You forget where you reside.

"Where is your brain," your spouse asks
When you leave her at the store
Although she clearly said to you,
"I'll meet you at the door."

You start for the garage to get a tool
Then you decide to sweep the floor
Pretty soon you are cleaning the mower
You forgot what you went there for.

A trip to the dentist, you don't forget
You want your teeth white and pearly
The receptionist looks up from her desk
"You've come in a week too early."

A task as simple as opening the mail
Is more than you need, oh, alas
You might do it again, probably will
Keep the junk and toss the first class

Don't worry, don't fret, it's not your fault
Away with remorse and with shame
You're only doing what the doc said
Those pills on the shelf they're to blame

Author Jerry Robbins