The Acrobadic Pretzel Word

How can such a small word mean so much?
The four letter word with four million meanings.
To every soul, spirit, individual, and heart,
Love is contorted to fit the definition of a specific feeling.
Love- a profoundly tender
and passionate affection
towards another person
Love- a feeling of warm
personal attachment or
deep affection, as for family
or friends
Love- sexual passion or desire
The list would go on.
Every person adding or subtracting to one definition.
To people who are not in love,
This feeling is just another word
tossed around a movie script
or a story line frequently.
To people who are in love,
This magic surprises them
by being the single word
that can suffice.
Love surprises them by
being the only word capable
to explain their emotions.
Try as they might, there is no other synonym for love,
Or at least for true love.
But when and if someone says I love you,
How can you be sure that this line is from the heart,
Not just a phrase persuaded out of your mouth by endless love movies and countless love songs?
Trusting yourself in recognizing true love,
Very difficult,
and yet so simple.
Is there a true definition to Love?
The four letter word with four hundred million meanings.

© Michelle

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