The Angel And The Silver Cup

I've fallen
Deep inside this hollow pit
I can't seem to get out
I can't seem to see
What is before me.

The darkness
I can not bear
I'm just not aware
Of where I'm suppose to be.

I'm confused
And abused
Don't know which direction
I'm heading
I can feel a tear shedding.

I hear a voice
Calling my name
I'm trying to find it
In this bottomless pit.

Which way do I go?
I hear the voices
Should I follow?
I'm moving rapidly
Scared out of my wits
It's about time I get
Out of this pit.

I reach above me
I feel a hand
Should I grab it?
Let it save me?
Or follow the voices
That are calling me?
I decide to grab it
And it pulls me up
And there before me
Is an Angel
With a Silver Cup.

"Drink from the cup"
The Angel softly speaks
"Drink the blood of
Our Savior and be free."
I'm scared, I say to thee
I haven't always been kind
I'm not the one the
Lord could find.

"Drink from the cup"
The Angel softly speaks
"Drink the blood of
Our Savior and be free
For he has died for thee.

Open your heart
And receive his love
You have one last chance
Then you will fly like a dove.

Fly up high
To Heavens pearly gates
Where you will find
That it wasn't too late
So drink from the cup
And be free
For Heaven is your destiny."

Copyright © Sherri Emily Avery

Inspiration: To all those out there that think there is no way out, there is! You just have to believe.


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