The Fools Game Of Love

They sit apposed, face to face to face to face
The game has started, lets pick up the pace
The Queen, The Priestess, The King and The Fool
All face off to see who can rule
The game is simple and the goals quite clear
To play a bit of chess and see who's to fear
Trickery, treachery, deceit and lies
Who does this the best is the one who survives

Though wait, there is one thing I forgot to mention
This is chess of the mind, beyond your comprehension

The Fool is peculiar, outlandish and just a bit odd
Never letting up or dropping his facade
The Queen is facetious, coy and oh so very shy

Everything she touches seeming to go awry
The King is a bit different, not one to trust
being Analytical, Articulate and overly just
The Priestess, is secretive in her darkest desires
Though in any case you end up doing what she requires

The Queen and Priestess pair up to alternate their attack
Though the King and Fool always seem to have each others back

A Rusty Knight to B10 the Priestess does declare
The King is blind sided, unable to prepare
The Queen quickly jumping in with her assault
Though The Fool blocks, bringing it to a halt
The King comes to his senses unleashing his wrath
But The Priestess and Queen avoid his intended path
A Trade Mark minion to C3 the Queen does reek
As The King is then forced to unleash his special technique

Faster and faster they go, mightier and stronger they grow
Everything to lose, everything to gain.

A Priestess, a Fool, a King and a Queen
Their ways are chaotic, mysterious and obscene
Playing this game of chess to see who's the best
Though in reality outdoing themselves is their true quest
For they see each other as the perfect rival
To out do each other, out wit ones self, real survival
Around and around and around they will go.
When will it stop? when will it end? nobody can know.

They are quicker then the eye and inconceivable to the mind
A game, a battle, a duel, a destiny forever intertwined

If you haven't figured it out.
The King and the fool are two aspects of one's personality.
The queen and the priestess is two aspects of his secret love.
He can be her king, but for now he is the fool.
She can be his queen, but for now she is just a lonely priestess

© Thomas


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The Fools game Of Love
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