The Heart

A heart can become fragile at any given time, For no particular reason it can make you sad and feel unkind.
It's feelings are many and can change in so many ways,
mine is feeling heavy for what I thought was love was suddenly taken away.

My heart without warning was unexpectedly torn in two, when the love of my life decided to become unfaithful and untrue.
For whatever reason he won't tell me but his heart has now changed, his life is now happy and mine has so much pain.
Each day I get stronger and the memories hurt less, I hope one day to have someone's sweet love and soft caress.

Time will heal and my life will move on and I know my heart will heal and eventually become strong.
For I know now my heart has room for so much more,
I want love not resentment to be the center of it's core.
I've accepted what I've lost and I'm ready to move on,
no longer do I hurt my heart has become strong.

© Kathy Longhini

Dedicated to: my children Samantha and Dalton

Editor's Notes: Contest Entered Poem

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