The Moment You Walked By

It was all unexpected when it happened one night,
Standing by fire in the pale moonlight.
When you walked right past me in this hated little town, A blonde haired beauty with eyes of dark brown.
I looked at my buddies with a big huge grin,
And said I bet that girl would be a sweet sin.
But the more I looked the more I saw,
That there was more to it than unhooking your bra.
That smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye,
I thought to myself who's the lucky guy.
I asked around and found out that you were single,
So I tried to be brave and go over and mingle. But my nerves grabbed me in a hurry,
So away I turned and started to scurry.
I kicked myself as weeks went past,
Because that was my chance it had come at last.
Then one night my dreams came true,
When that beautiful girl called me out of the blue.
I finally got the courage to ask you on a date,
You said sure, pick me up at eight.
Our date had just begun and that was when,
I already couldn't wait to see you again.
The touch of your hand the smell of your skin,
I couldn't believe the spell I was in.
It didn't take long to figure it out,
That I was in love there was no doubt.
Weeks turned to months, months turned to years,
We were made for each other it was perfectly clear.
So I got the idea no more wasting time,
To get you a ring and make you all mine.
I saved up the money to buy you a band,
I found the perfect one to fit your left hand.
It took a few days to figure out a way,
To tell you everything I've been dying to say.
The moment came, finally at last,
And oh how my heart was beating so fast.
My trembling legs my sweating palms,
I looked like everything, everything but calm.
I took your hand and pulled you aside,
There was no turning back and nowhere to hide.
I pulled out the ring and dropped to one knee,
Ashley my love will you marry me.
Tears of joy streamed down your eyes,
As I promised to savor each moment and not let them pass by.
I held you in my arms ever so tight,
Nothing else in my life had ever felt so right.
Our wedding day had finally came,
And from this moment forward my life would never be the same.
I stood at the alter waiting for my bride,
With a smile on my face and a pose full of pride.
When I finally saw you my body just shook,
As I became overwhelmed by the way you looked.
Your eyes sparkled; your dress simply gleamed,
Time just stood still or so it seemed.
I couldn't help but mess with my tie,
While tears began to swell in my eyes.
If anything in my life was known for sure,
It was at that moment I couldn't of asked for anything more.
We told our vows and said I do,
I promised to love no one but you.
I raised your veil and closed my eyes,
And we shared the first kiss of our brand new lives.
Our honeymoon had come and gone,
And before we knew it we were standing in our front lawn.
Inside there were hides and mounts and even a stuffed grouse,
That filled up and furnished our just built log house.
We were so happy and life was good,
Nothing would ruin it, nothing could.
Then it happened late one night,
It just broke out, our first big fight.
Words were said, things got broke,
We were both upset that was no joke.
You looked at me and said you had enough,
Then you went upstairs to pack all your stuff.
You took your things and walked out the door,
My heart just sank as I hit the floor.
I never felt so helpless in my life,
Thinking that I just might have lost my wife.
I wandered around the house sorting through our things,
That's when I really took notice to my wedding ring.
I sat there twisting it around my finger,
And the smell of you started to linger.
I found comfort by playing our favorite song,
That's when I realized I was all wrong.
Something hit the floor and made a loud boom,
And it came from down the hall in the very next room.
I got up from the bed to investigate the sound,
And when I entered the room it was you that I found. When we looked at each other I couldn't help but feel it a crime,
Cause I saw tears of sadness for the very first time.
I shook my head because I knew I was to blame,
And never in my life did I feel so ashamed.
We ran to each other from across the room,
When I caught you in my arms the sadness disappeared along with the gloom.
I held you so tight as close as can be,
And whispered in your ear baby please forgive me.
We promised each other there would be no more,
And we began to make love right on the kitchen floor.
I knew that it was just a stage,
And that my love for you would never age.
We tried so long we almost forgot,
About all the baby stuff we bought.
You called me at work saying come quickly,
Something was wrong you never felt so sickly.
I drove home as fast as I could go,
But everyone seemed to be going so slow.
I left the truck running and ran into the house,
You were standing there with nothing but a smile in your white blouse.
I asked frantically what in God's name is wrong,
And to this day I've never experienced a feeling so strong.
I took a deep breath and knew not to be sad, After all that trying I was finally going to be a Dad.
We squeezed each other and jumped up and down,
You could probably hear our screams way across town.
Soon there after our baby began to fuss,
While he laid restlessly there between us.
That was the picture of a perfect life,
Laying there with my newborn baby and precious wife.
Time went so fast and before I knew it there was another on my lap,
She laughed and giggled the only difference was she called me Pap.
It seemed like just yesterday our lives had just begun,
As we sat there holding hands watching the setting sun.
The grey in your hair, the wrinkles on your face,
Time sure had gone by and it couldn't be replaced.
There in that moment I found my riches and fame,
Because the love we had for each other never changed.
You sickness came from nowhere and with out warning,
I remember that day especially because it was our last morning.
On the ladder of your life you were at the top of your climb,
The doctor called me and said hurry you don't have much time.
Silence filled the room as I walked through door,
Seeing you like that made my heart sore.
I walked to your side and climbed in your bed,
Then gently leaned over and kissed your forehead.
You looked at me and took a ragged breath,
I could see it in your face you were fighting with death.
You reached over and squeezed my hand,
And said babe I gotta go, I hope you understand.
I couldn't help but to shed some tears,
Because the love of my life was at the end of her years.
I said baby now please try and stay,
theres so many things I still need to say.
Your smile faded as did your grip,
As I felt your body starting to slip.
I shook you as if you were asleep, Now all that was left were memories to keep.
Tears came hard as I began to cry,
As I whispered in your hear my last goodbye.
My chest hurt it was hard to breathe,
I desperately begged God if I too could leave.
I closed my eyes as it faded to black,
When suddenly I was startled by a hard smack.
It was my friend that hit me in the chest,
And said hey man this ain't no staring contest.
Reality hit me cold and hard,
And I was suddenly by the fire out back in that yard.
It was all so real or so it seemed,
I just couldn't tell myself it was only a dream.
That this all happened in the blink of an eye,
I had seen my whole future the moment you walked by.

Author/Poet: © Josey Jano
Dedicated to: Ashley

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